Supportive Coaching For Positive Change

I offer evidence-based supportive coaching for businesses and individuals who want to make positive changes and thrive in their lives.

You might have a goal that you want to achieve but are unclear about the right path to get there. Perhaps you don’t yet have the motivation or self-esteem to move forward confidently. Either way I am here to help you get clear and take action.

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What is Coaching Psychology?

Coaching Psychology is a goal directed and collaborative process that involves identifying strengths and applying them to areas you wish to improve, so that you can live a more authentic and successful life. Unlike standard Coaching, Coaching Psychology uses the science of wellbeing and evidence-based strategies to support you in creating greater success in career, relationships, or health.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between psychology and coaching, the former relies on awareness of past experiences to bring about healing in the present and tends to focus on the problem or symptom of illness. Coaching, on the other hand, has a present/future orientation and draws on the clients strengths and motivation to bring about change.